Recent articles by SMP founder, Yukie Ohta, about SoHo and New York:



“Living Lofts: The Evolution of the Cast Iron District” Urban Omnibus June 5, 2013.


Marte’s Journey Comes Full Circle in City Council Race  The Villager, May 18, 2017

Trash Talkin’ in SoHo: Raising Awareness is Key The Villager, March 30, 2017

My Daughter, My Teacher; My Activist Education The Villager, January 26, 2017

sl covers

McNally Jackson and the Alchemy of Bookselling.” Cover article in SoHo Life, December 2012: 14-17.

Children’s Museum Grows Up.” Cover article in SoHo Life, January 2013: 14-17.

101 Spring Street is Ready to Reopen.” Cover article in SoHo Life, May 2013: 14-17.


Acne Covers“Spreading the Love.” An interview with Charles Miers, Publisher, Rizzoli.  Acne Paper, Winter 2012: 65. Author, with Barbara Cohen.

“A City of Tales.” A literature portfolio of writing about New York City, including work by Washington Irving, Jacob Riis, F Scott Fitzgerald, Helen Keller, Truman Capote, Tom Wolfe, Woody Allen, Allen Ginsberg, Dorothy Parker, and Oscar Hijuelos. Acne Paper, Winter 2012: 196. Contributing Editor, with Barbara Cohen.

soho mag page 1


Red Light Go!” An article about the period when the neighborhood now called SoHo was New York’s red light district. SOHO NYC Magazine, Weston Publications, April 2016.

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